The World’s Best Card Magicians

Card MagiciansYou probably believed in magic when you were little, who would not? With stories about castles, fairies, super heroes, and other magical things that our parents told us a hundred times, it is not impossible to believe. But naturally, we outgrew those beliefs as we age.

But do you know that there are people who create magic? Card manipulators were known to be card magician years ago and even up to now. It may seem like magic when they create magical illusions and effects with the use of cards and it made people gasp in awe and amazement. No wonder most card magicians were often seen in magical shows, circus, and even on the streets performing their craft!

Aside from the famous Harry Houdini, who was also known as the King of Cards, there are other best card magicians in the world and they are:

Rene Lavand

What makes him different than other magicians is that he only has one hand. He lost his hand at a car crash when he was nine years old but that unfortunate event did not stop him from entering the world of magic. He studied the craft of magic on his own while living in his homeland Argentina.

Rene Lavand Poker Magician

He used to worked as a cashier in a bank and at the age of 32 he made an appearance in Buenos Aires’ Tabaris Theater. From there he made his own history and became popular worldwide as a card magician who specialized in close-up performance.

His famous phrase “It cannot be done any slower” was often heard whenever he discloses several of his tricks. He then adopted a train wagon and built his own magic saloon out of it. Aside from teaching card illusions, he also came up with a book entitled “Mysteries of My life”. It was his own autobiography and an instructional book as well.

Henry Evans

Another famous magician from Argentina is Henry Evans. He created his own set of cards in 1994 and that made him “The King of Cards” when he bagged the 3rd prize in the World Magic Show. He also became the champion in a class of poker. From his initial invention, his other crafts also became popular and influential.

Henry Evans

That includes his magical teachings recorded in DVDs and were deemed best-seller in special magic shops. At a young age of 15, he already made tours in South America and before reaching the age of 20, his name became popular in the whole Latin America.

Still holding the title as Argentina’s famous magician, he continues to learn the art of magic like deformation technique in different forms other than using cards and coins.

Dai Vernon

He was born under the name of David Frederick Wingfield Verner in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 11, 1894. His passion for magic started when he was brought by his father to a magical show when he was seven years old. At 13 he already memorized the contents of the most famous card book entitled “The Expert at the Card Table”.

Dai Vernon

In his adult years, he associated himself with different people who shared the same passion for magic as he is. Years passed and he became popular like his favorite magicians. He made a huge buzz when he challenged the famous Harry Houdini who boasts about not being fooled if he saw a trick done three times in a row.

Dai Vernon did “The Ambitious Card” and played seven times, Houdini was stumped. This is why in the late 20′s and 30′s he advertised himself as “The Man Who Fooled Houdini” and was also called “The Professor”

Lennart Green

Before he became one of the world’s best magician, Lennart Green was a medical practitioner for 15 years but he quit from the medical field in 1992 when he won 1st place in the 1991 FISM competition in Switzerland.

Lennart Green

He was known to have an amazing skill of memorizing cards in impossible locations and the ability to bring back shuffled decks in numerical order. He made several books about his craft and performed in different shows worldwide. His most remarkable card effect is his amazing “Laser Deal” or “Snap Deal”.

Guy Hollingworth

Hollingworth’s signature card magic effect is the “Reformation”. It is when a signed playing cards is torn into four pieces and then visibly restored one piece at a time. Magic indeed! He began his interests in magic at a young age of 13 while he was studying.

Guy Hollingworth

He started to join a magic club in his school and the rest as they say was history when it comes to his career as one of the world’s best magician. He finally wrote a book about card conjuring after several appearances on television shows, performances, and lectures. Drawing Room Deceptions came up in 1999 and instantly became a bestseller.


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