Play Poker at Home?

Poker is a type of social game where not only players love to play the game, but also they enjoy gathering together. For some people, going to the casino to play this game can be a hassle.

There are various kinds of reason why we can’t go to the casino (or maybe not too often) such as we are still under age, or perhaps it’s just because of simple reason like we don’t feel comfortable with the casino environment.

On that case, playing Poker at home seems to be ideal as it means we don’t need to go anywhere, no need to dress up or following the dress code ruled by most casinos for example, also no need to spend more money for drink. In simple word, it’s less hassle.

But remember, before you decide and invite your friends to play Poker at your house, better check the following points:


The Law

Make sure you understand the law of playing Poker in the country you live in. Each country should have different rules and regulations. Don’t get yourself trapped by doing illegal activities just because you weren’t aware of the government’s regulation. As for example. in UK people can play Poker at home as long as it’s non commercial basis which also means that you can’t play for money.

It is also OK if you play Poker as a part of domestic occasion. While in Indonesia, playing any game with money involved can be categorized as gambling which is forbidden. However people are still able to play at home but almost similar like UK, make sure there’s no money involved.


Number of Player

Before inviting people to go to your house and play Poker, make sure the number of guest that you invited is match where everyone can sit and play together. Traditionally Poker game can be played by 2 up to 10 people. However most people play it with 5 players. While in Poker Big 2, usually the game is played by 4 people. As a host, you should be sure that all guests are served and everybody can play the game together.


Good Host

What makes a good host? There are a lot of definitions of what a good host should do. But the most important thing is to be friendly and welcome. Don’t just focus on the game itself, you should remember that all players come and play at your house, so you have to provide a good service and make sure everyone feels comfortable.


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