Welcome to is the most detailed Big 2 information site on the Internet. The main objective of the Big Two card game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand. Whether you are playing Big 2 online or offline, a point system is utilized to determine how much a player has to pay to the winner at the end of the game. Big2 can be played in a very user friendly manner and it becomes very interesting and exciting to see who gets to finish first in discarding  all cards. Players  can pass his or her turn to the next participant if he so chooses. The time that you take to play the cards also matters in Big2. It forms an important part to get success in it. The players who participate in Big two are ..
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  • Big 2, Big TwoThe big 2 game is mostly based on known poker hands, but of course with different rules and with some exceptions . Here are the card combination options: Single cards - These rank from two (high) down to three (low), and between cards of the same rank a higher suit beats a lower suit . Pairs - A pai..

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It’s widely known that the four kings in a deck of playing cards represent actual kings or leaders historically and also biblically. Although history books have ample facts about t..
Despite of the fact that we are now living in an advanced and digital world, there are still some people who go back to basics in determining what future lies ahead of them. One of..
Online poker games have sparked interest once again for people to play cards in real time. Now, can you remember how you leave those Joker playing cards just because it actually ha..
US history
Card games cover a broad scope of connection when it comes to history, arts, geography, paper and printing technology. In the past, card games were used to discover and learn more ..
Localoco, a social game developer celebrates the achievement of their Big Two Poker application that recently hit one hundred thousand monthly users after released as Beta Testing ..
Are you a Poker newbie or everyday gamer? Always spend time to learn and amaze your opponents. Well, we were once a beginner and it takes time and much experience in losing to leve..
The mind is like muscles in our body, it needs exercise and practice to be tough, to create stamina, and be sharp. Big Two is a mental sport, and a mentally prepared player has an ..
How Not to Suck at Online Card Games
With so many different kinds of online card games available today, the question that begs to be answered is how do we play them in a smart way? What should we do to keep enjoying t..
Some Poker players play game for fun while others play Poker professionally. For professional, Poker is no longer a game. It’s a way to earn money and become millionaire. There are.. Game Videos

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Big 2, Big Two
There are plenty of Big 2 poker game apps around both in Android and Ios . Which one is the best ? well , it depends on how you look at it . Let's check some of the leading apps today... (A) The first app I cho..
Casino_Royale , Big 2, Big Two
Karamihan sa atin ay hilig ang paglalaro ng baraha, parang internasyonal na kultura na kahit sino sa mundo ay nakakalaro. Iba’t-iba ang klase ang laro ng mga baraha na lumabas sa Pelikula, kahit ang Hollywood a..

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